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Song, Prayer, Scripture

There are few books that have had such an impact on communities of faith as the book of Psalms. Originating as small collections of prayers, the book of Psalms would eventually become a rich soil in which creative reimaginations of contemporary situations could grow. It played a significant part in formulating the eschatological worldview of the Qumran sect, provided essential building blocks when the early Christian movements formulated their beliefs, and has had continuing significance in Jewish and Christian contexts, even to this day. This conference will gather experts from the field of biblical studies to shed light on the multifaceted ways in which the psalms from the book of Psalms have been used throughout time. Focus is thus not primarily on the book of Psalms itself, but on the role played by its psalms in other contexts, such as scribal, liturgical, didactic, iconographic, literary, etc.

The conference, which takes place over three days, will provide opportunity for scholars to present and discuss cutting edge research. It will be structured into six sessions and a concluding session, where each session features either two papers or three short papers.



Dr. David Davage

Associate Professor of Old Testament Exegesis at Örebro School of Theology

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Prof. Susan Gillingham

Professor Emerita of the Hebrew Bible at the University of Oxford

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Dr. Melody Knowles

Associate Professor of Old Testament at Virginia Theological Seminary

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Prof. Antti Laato

Professor in Old Testament Exegesis with Judaic Studies at Åbo Akademi University

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Dr. Elisabet Nord

Part of the research seminar in Old Testament Exegesis at Lund University

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Prof. Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

Professor in Old Testament Exegesis at Örebro School of Theology

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Dr. Beat Weber

Research Associate at the University of Pretoria

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Dr. LarsOlov Eriksson

Associate Professor Emeritus at Johannelund School of Theology

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October 13–15, 2022


13.00–13.30 Welcome and introduction
13.30–15.00 Keynote Session 1

Prof. Susan Gillingham, "Luther and Calvin Read Psalms 1–2" [Read abstract]

Dr Melody Knowles, "The Psalms and Psalms 132 in the Early Days of the 'New World'" [Read abstract]

15.00–15.15 Fika
15.15–17.00 Keynote Session 2

Dr Beat Weber, "'Please Open Your Ear, My People, To My Torah ...!' What Psalm 78 Wants to Say to Whom" [Read abstract]
Prof. Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer, "The Psalter and King David: A Reception Historical Perspective" [Read abstract]

19.00 Dinner


09.00–10.30 Keynote Session 3

Dr LarsOlov Eriksson, "How the Psalms Made Their Way Into the Swedish Lectionary" [Read abstract]
Dr Elisabet Nord, "Pastoral Concerns in Conflict: The Place and Use of Imprecatory Psalms in the Liturgy of the Hours" [Read abstract]

10.30–10.45 Fika
10.45–12.15 Keynote Session 4

Prof. Antti Laato, "Psalm 16 in the New Testament and Early Christian Literature" [Read abstract]
Dr David Davage, "Hearing The People Through the Voice of David: On the Paratextual Framing of Psalm 30" [Read abstract]

12.15–13.45 Lunch
13.45–14.45 Paper Session 1

Dr Rachel Wrenn, "The Potential of the Psalmist’s Anger" [Read abstract]

Dr Barbara Crostini, "Speaking Images: Illuminating the Psalter in Byzantium" [Read abstract]

14.45–15.00 Fika
15.00–16.00 Paper Session 2

Prof. Tommy Wasserman and Andreas Nilsson, "The Continuity between Jewish and Christian Psalms Manuscripts" [Read abstract]
Dr Margherita Matera, "Updates on the Göttingen Project “Die Editio critica maior des griechischen Psalters” (2020–2040)" [Read abstract]

16.00 Event: The Historical Örebro Castle
19.00 Dinner


09.00–10.00 Paper Session 3

Dr Ola Wikander, "Psalms and Circles in the Theurgy of the Élus Coëns" [Read abstract]
PhD student Martijn Jaspers, "Going to the Zoo with Saint Jerome: The Rendering of Animal and Plant Names in Jerome’s Latin Psalm Translations" [Read abstract]

10.00–10.15 Fika

10.15–11.00 Concluding Session

Discussion and final remarks

11.00–12.00 Lunch



If you have any questions about matters related to the conference, do not hesitate to reach out.

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